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Please identify the name of the building you are experiencing your issue. (Example: Business Leadership Building)
Please identify the room number of the space you are experiencing issues in. (Example: Room B124)
Please choose from the list below that best fits the issue you are experiencing in the classroom.
CLEAR can assist with instructor technology using the following programs. Turning Point, Panopto, etc. Contact CLEAR at 940.369.7394.
CSS can assist with the instructor cabinet, computer, wireless microphones, amplifiers, speakers, and projectors. You may also make a reservation for assistance during your next class. Contact CSS at 940.565.2691.
ODA can assist with accommodation assistance as well as any kind of accommodation needed by the students that is reported to their instructor.
OSMP & Facilities can assist with room condition reports ie: chairs(report if any broken or missing), temperature, lighting, etc.
Any issue that is not described above. ALERT: If the description you give can be interpreted as a potential Medical or Safety emergency, UNT PD will be notified and you can expect to be visited by a UNT Police Officer at the location from which this report was generated.
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