Scope & Level of Service

Classroom Support Services (CSS) is funded by the Student Technology Use Fee to maintain the instructional technology (IT & AV) in General Purpose Classrooms and Class Laboratories at the University of North Texas.

The following technology is installed in all CSS supported rooms:

  1. Data projector
  2. Projection surface
  3. Instructor computer
  4. Laptop computer video and sound connection

The following are Operational Standards for Classroom Support Services:

  1. Room technology is monitored for correct operation in real time
  2. Room technology and environment is evaluated on site every 250 operating hours
  3. Time to repair, except in catastrophic failure, is typically at first class break
  4. Instructor assistance is typically handled via telephone and remote control

Services Provided by Classroom Support Services in supported rooms:

  1. Research, design, procurement, installation of instructional technology (IT & AV equipment)
  2. Monitoring and maintenance of instructional technology
  3. Coordinate common goals with other departments
  4. Train for instructional technology use from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm Monday through Friday
  5. Supply cables, adapters, wireless presenters and microphone transmitters
  6. Instructional writing utensils including whiteboard markers, chalk and erasers for both. Delivery to classrooms as needed.

Services NOT Provided by Classroom Support Services in supported rooms:

  1. Assistance with any aspect of a room other than the CSS installed instructional technology.
  2. Assistance in spaces that are not predetermined CSS supported spaces (conference rooms, temporary event spaces, offices, etc)
  3. Mid semester system redesign (Any/all system redesign suggestions will be taken into consideration with the greater whole of UNT in mind)
  4. Assistance with software usage, conversion or recovery
  5. Assistance with personal storage devices such as thumb drives, portable hard drives, tablets and laptops
  6. Assistance configuring webinars, network access, teleconferences or temporary system re-configurations
  7. Assistance for the entire duration of a class or event
  8. Non-technical display surfaces such as chalkboards and whiteboards (portable or fixed)
  9. Room scheduling