Insight 360 & Insight 360 Cloud Silverlight Plug-In Issues

Turning Technologies is focusing diligently on a remedy for multiple versions of Insight 360 and Insight 360 Cloud due to the recent issue associated with the Insight 360 Silverlight plug-in which is affecting Mac users only. 


Users of recently updated Mac devices may see a gray screen or a notification stating that the Silverlight plug-in is not supported. Our staff is working on a solution that we hope to have in place as quickly as possible. We are thankful for your understanding and we sincerely apologize for this disruption.


Until a solution is in place, we encourage unaffected users looking to continue their use with Insight 360 and Insight 360 Cloud to delay any further Apple updates to their Mac devices. 


To report additional issues, please contact the Turning Technologies customer support team at or at 866.746.3015.