Our Staff

Chris Canuteson

Systems Integration Architect

Jay Dotson

Systems Integration Manager

Jay Dotson is our Operations Manager and the mastermind behind a lot of the upgrades and project planning that goes on in regards to classroom setup and hardware. Jay's experience at CSS stretches over 7 years and his impact here at CSS is without question. He's been a mentor, an engineer and a great customer service provider. Whenever there is an issue with a classroom on campus, you're more than likely to hear from Jay with a solution and timeline of implementation. 

Between managing the workload of over 15 student technicians, planning for classroom upgrades and solving problems on the fly, there's no better person to call than Jay Dotson. His skills range from installations to photography and organization to solution improvisation. If there's a problem to be solved, Jay will help to mitigate it. 

Pierce Jackson

Systems Integration Supervisor

Pierce has been a part of the CSS team for about 4 years now and has been a critical part of the CSS Operations team. From small classroom installations to new large-scale classroom installations, Pierce has been an extremely dependable operations technician and has helped in training a countless number of new technicians on the CSS team. Pierce is an outstanding leader of individuals and has shown his ability to adapt and overcome a number of roadblocks when it comes to the operation of CSS.

After graduating with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, Pierce was asked to stay onboard at CSS to utilize his experience and work-ethic to continue to help grow CSS and better implement solutions across main campus and Frisco. Since his full-time hiring, Pierce has been a part of the 'Winter Revitalization Plan 2017', various installations and technology implementations at UNT main campus and Frisco and has been a critical part in providing delicious coffee to the whole CSS shop. 

Steven Moran

Systems Integration Manager

Steve Moran is, without question, one of the most faithful and helpful employees CSS has ever had the privilege of employing. Steve has been a part of the CSS team for well over 15 years and has been an excellent teacher for new techs, as well as incoming staff members. With the foresight of over 20 years experience at UNT, CSS has been able to rely on Steve time and time again with various operations work such as customer support, hardware installations, solutions to minor and major impromptu issues, as well as the guiding light and hopeful attitude to keep our shop looking sharp!

Steve's experience and helpful attitude has brought smiles to hundreds of UNT staff and faculty. His ability to solve issues on the fly and with little to no extra support, is one of his greatest strengths and has made him a favorite to faculty and staff across campus and in our own shop.