TurningPoint Canvas Integration Enhancements

We have some exciting news about a significant enhancement to the TurningPoint integration with Canvas. Instead of instructors having to create LTI links for each individual course, we now have the ability to automatically embed them in two different places:

1.) We can put the link directly into all courses. That way, no matter what course a student chooses, the LTI link automatically appears in the Course menu without the student first having to go into Modules.

2.) The link can go into each user profile for all users on the LMS.

You can decide whether you want the link in both places or in just one of them. This improvement will help eliminate issues with instructors putting the wrong LTI link in their courses while also making it easier for students to find.

If you are interested in making this change to your campus LMS integration, or if you have any questions, please contact CSL@turningtechnologies.com.