Classroom Seating Chart

Over the past several years we have received requests from faculty and instructors requesting seating charts for the somewhat larger rooms on campus that CSS supports.

It is our pleasure to announce that we have now created seating charts for the following classrooms:

Auditorium Building Room 100

General Access Building Room 104 & 105

Eagle Student Services Center Room 255

Life Science Building Room A117

Radio, Television, Film & Production Room 110

SAGE Hall Room 116

Suggested use:

Download the seating chart PDF and accompanying seating assignment chart. Fill out the seating chart with student names, referring to the PDF for location placement. In class, mark students as absent or present on a PDF copy, then refer to the list to mark students as absent or present.

We have also made a copy of the original Visio document available, for users to create a modified version if they chose (*you must have Microsoft Visio installed or accessible to modify this document). Unfortunately, CSS cannot support or assist with the use of Microsoft Visio.

Please feel free to contact CSS if you have any questions.