College Computer Support Contacts

Support Group Support Contact Phone
College of Arts and Sciences Information Technology Services 940.565.4498
College of Business CoB Helpdesk 940.565.4891
Daniel Duncan
Joey Macaraeg
Shawn Weems
Robert Tompkins
College of Education COE Tech 940.565.4110
Paul Hons
James Kubicek
Brenda Yu
Charlie Andrews
College of Engineering ENG Support 940.369.7250
Jim Byford 940.891.6866
Payton Climer 940.369.5305
Randy Burrow 940.369.8490
Matt Kernan (Computer Science) 940.565.2642
College of Information COI Helpdesk 940.369.8988
Gary Mathews
Alan Livingston
Mayborn School of Journalism Information Technology Services 940.565.4498
College of Merchandising, Hospitality, and Tourism CMHT-IT 940.565.4492
Sampath Pamidimukkala
Microcomputer Maintenance Shop MMS Helpdesk 940.565.2387
College of Music Music Helpdesk 940.565.3766
Ben Bigby 940.565.3775
Scott Krejci 940.565.4788
College of Health and Public Service 940.565.4454
Chu Chuah
Vasilis Angelogiannos
College of Visual Arts and Design CVAD Support 940.565.4522
Michael Baggett
Craig Berry
Kacey Close
Ursula Williams 940.565.4018