Equipment Information

Data Projector

Data projectors are installed on the ceiling in all CSS supported rooms. The data projector is controlled from the installed instructor computer. Use the computer's mouse to turn the projector on or off, select a display source, blank or un-blank the image, or adjust the volume.

Standard Instructor Computer

Remember that a computer has its own volume control, so it may be necessary to un-mute or adjust the volume level on the computer as well as the data projector to get the desired sound level.

Auxiliary Connections for Laptop Computer or Other Video

Using the connector panel on the room equipment rack, a separate computer or video source can be connected to the data projector.  

Most cables for this task are available at no charge from CSS.  Network cables, however, must be purchased from UNT Telecom Services.  

To connect a notebook computer, use the connectors under "Computer 2" on the connector panel.  A VGA cable, shown below, is required.  Audio and network cables are optional.  Connect the VGA cable before turning on your computer.


If you want to use sound on your computer, connect an audio cable from your computer’s headphone jack to the audio connectors in the same column on the connector plate.


A laptop computer must be authorized to access the Internet from the specific classroom building where you will be using it.  Contact your college/school computer support personnel for assistance at least one day in advance of your class.

If you do not see an image in a few seconds, you may need to tell your notebook computer to use its external monitor. The method for doing this varies between computer models.  Look on the notebook’s keyboard for "LCD/CRT" or a monitor icon to find the right keys to press. (The photos below represent keys used to activate the external monitor for a Dell notebook computer.)  Some computers, most notably Macintosh models, require that the external VGA cable be connected and the data projector be on BEFORE the computer is turned on.

Overhead Projector

If the overhead projector is not working, it’s usually due to a burned-out lamp. To switch to the spare lamp, open the projector using the latch on the side. Inside, look for lamp exchange switch and move it to the opposite side to engage the spare lamp. On some models there is a panel on the top left side that allows access to the lamp exchange switch without having to open the projector.  Be sure to report your actions so that the burned-out lamp can be replaced.

If the lamp is not the problem, listen for the fan. If the fan is not making noise, it’s likely that there is a power problem. Try plugging the projector into a different electrical outlet.  Please report any problems to CSS.

Not all CSS supported rooms have overhead projector.

Wireless Microphones

Wireless microphone systems are installed in the larger CSS supported rooms.  Each of these rooms is tuned to a unique “radio channel,” and the transmitter, worn or carried by the instructor, must match that channel to work properly in the room.  Contact CSS to obtain a transmitter.


  1. Keep transmitter off when not in use.  One set of AA batteries should last for about 8 hours of use.  When transmitter is on, battery meter should show one or two bars of power.  If only one bar is showing, take a spare set of batteries to class. 
  2. CSS provides spare batteries for microphones to academic departments.  Please do not throw away the dead batteries – CSS will exchange them for new ones as needed.  

The room “Microphone Setting” is displayed on the Projector Remote on the instructor computer display.