Classroom Support Services image updates for 11/15/18

3 Microsoft Windows updates

11 Microsoft Office updates

Updated Adobe Flash Player to version

Updated Apple iTunes to version 12.9.1

Updated Google Chrome to version 70.0.3538.102

Updated Mozilla Firefox to version 63.0.1

Updated Skype to version

CSS re-images PC’s weekly, in most cases, to ensure your security and reliability as an end user.  CSS strives to only make updates that are security based and will not affect the functionality of the machine or the end user experience. If an update does not meet those two criteria the CSS policy is to leave the update for in between semesters, or to test it thoroughly in our shop before deploying it to the field. Please understand some software products UNT has purchased for classroom use are hosted and CSS cannot control the actions of our Hosted service providers.  We will however try to identify changes to hosted products and communicate those changes to you in this weekly announcement.  CSS will also work with other support groups to test any hosted software updates whenever we are made aware.