CAS Discussion Forum Feedback & Action Plan

Hello and thank you for speaking with us at the CAS Discussion events. As per usual we learned so much from speaking with you. Here is a recap of items discussed and the rough draft of the CSS Action plan accordingly.

  • ​How do we communicate with Faculty that a technical problem in a room has already been reported and CSS has been dispatched (is on the way)?
  • Gateway132/136 audio system needs to be redesigned to accommodate the combined room usage. **Completed at this time**
  • ​Campus needs more 60-70 capacity classrooms. CSS will look for this criteria specifically when suggesting CSS support for a space in the future.
  • Who provides Chalk, Dry Erase Markers and erasers for both. **CAS has agreed to provide Dry Erase Markers. Custodial Services has agreed to provide Chalk and erasers for both.**
  • CSS needs to investigate classroom setups that require specific microphone types to prevent feedback when Faculty walk amongst seating. **Completed for lifea204. Will review other rooms upon request**
  • Foreign websites sometimes do not have the plugins necessary to function for video playback
  • Due to the high percentage of online textbook and lab activities, some building such as Language building need to be surveyed for potential dual projection install
  • Training videos need to be made available online for anyone lecturing in a CSS supported classroom
  • website suggestions for revision:
    • ​Create an optional alerts subscription so Faculty can receive email updates on Classroom Technical issues or issues CSS is aware of that would impact their ability to hold class (water leak in room, data connectivity loss to a building, etc) 
    • Alter seating capacity Filter on Search Classrooms Page** Completed at this time **
    • Alter projector quantity on Search Classrooms Page
    • Alter Fixed seating value to reflect seating type as well as fixed or movable value
    • Campus quadrants breakdown so you can find classrooms by time and within a certain distance range

There are a few items I left off this list for right now because talks are still ongoing with other UNT staff and/or Departments in terms of what can be done about that specific situation. In an effort to no commit another group to a workload they cannot pursue, I have kept those action items off this list until further talks have been completed.

Thank you again for your time and effort to work with CSS to make the classroom experience the best possible for Students. 

The CSS Team