Collaborative Learning & Active Workspaces (CLAW) 3 Training

At UNT, we are in the process of expanding our classroom technology options. One means of doing so is by implementing Collaborative Learning & Active Workspaces (CLAW) strategy that ties together teaching/learning resources in the room with teaching/learning concepts. For more information about the overall CLAW strategy, please visit In this training, we will focus on the basics of operating a CLAW Tier 3 room.

The design intention for a CLAW 3 space can be summarized as a space designed to empower student group work. For our end-users familiar with the concept of “break out rooms” in Zoom or Microsoft Teams, a CLAW 3 physical classroom is very similar, simply a physical manifestation of the same concept. It is possible to display digital content to the entire class at once (for example, in the case of introducing a brand-new concept for the first time) and also to break students into groups to review digital content independently (for example, during group work).

For more information regarding the concepts driving a CLAW 3 classroom space, please visit these reference materials:

The physical space includes movable tables and chairs. These tables can be made into groups of 8 students, each with a display (on the wall) to serve the group’s work. Please see the below layout:

room layout with nine tables with 8 chairs each, labeled SAGE HALL ROOM 230

To control digital content in the classroom, you can utilize the classroom control system located on the instructor's computer installed in the room. This control system lets you control both the projectors in the space for large group discussion and the displays (referred to as TVs) for group work. To control the projectors in the room, visit the instructor computer in the room and on the control system, select “Projectors”:

screen shot of control system with the projectors tab choosen

To control the TVs in the room, visit the instructor computer in the room and on the control system, select “TVs”:

screen shot of control system with the tv tab choosen

When choosing to use the TVs in the room, please note you have 2 content sources to choose from. “Instructor Content” is the Instructor computer (and any applications/files open on this computer accordingly). “Student Content” switches the TVs to receive local input from students via HDMI cables at the group stations. To display student content, the instructor powers on the TVs selects “Student Content” on the control system, and then the student can utilize the HDMI cable at their respective workstation to display their content to their group members sitting with them.

For questions regarding CLAW 3 rooms and their use, please feel free to reach out for further support.