Remote Teaching Kits

UNT recognizes the role of remote teaching in continuity of teaching and learning efforts here at UNT. UNT has crafted “Remote Teaching Kits” to serve as a supplement to your College provided equipment. These kits can be used to enhance remote teaching and learning.

Why did we craft these kits?

  • It will be very important your students can hear you when you are teaching remotely. The document camera in this kit has a microphone. This can be a backup microphone or your primary microphone if you do not have one as a part of your computer setup currently.
  • Displaying your likeness as well as other content via camera can add value to the remote experience. The device in this kit can be a second camera or your primary camera if you do not have one as a part of your computer setup. This device can be used to show your likeness or angled to show documents, hand-written examples, demonstrations, etc.
  • Being able to hand write examples in response to student questions can add to the remote experience. The dry erase lapboard and markers can be used for real-time examples in class.

What is in the kit?

  • IPEVO USB Document camera
  • Dry erase lap board
  • Dry erase markers

How do I use what is in the kit?

  • Plug in the IPEVO device to the computer you intend to teach from and install drivers
  • Visit the IPEVO software downloads page to install the companion software:
  • When it comes time to use the device for a live class, be sure to select the IPEVO device in Zoom accordingly:
    Remote teaching kits ZOOM IPEVO settings screen shot

Requesting a kit:

  • If you would like to request a kit, please send us an email at