Teaching with technology in the socially distant classroom (using iClicker)

iClicker is a polling technology that empowers you to engage students digitally while maintaining social distance. iClicker can be used both in a physical classroom as well as in a remote class. UNT has provided Faculty and Students with iClicker licenses. Once you have created your iClicker account, you can access this tool from the web, a computer (including DSI Tech supported learning spaces) and the iClicker mobile applications. Let’s get started…

  1. To create an account in iClicker, visit iclicker.com and select “Create an Account”
    screen shot - Create an Account
  2. Select your role (Instructor or Student) …
    Screen shot - Select your role (Instructor or Student)
  3. The account creation process varies slightly (but not by much) based on role. For students, the next screen will look like this…
    screen shot - account creation process
  4. Fill in your account information and click “Next”. You will need to use a UNT email address…
    screen shot - Fill in your account information and click “Next”

Now that you have an iClicker account, you can begin to use the tool.

As Faculty, you have the option to use iClicker in tandem with Canvas as well as in course presentations (embedded hyperlinks).

For details on iClicker in Canvas please contact our Canvas support team at:

Faculty HelpDesk

For general iClicker questions, please contact DSI Tech:

DSI Tech