Wifi in the classroom...

Thank you to all Faculty and Students who participated in the classroom focus group sessions. During these sessions we heard a fair amount of about wifi usage in the classroom.  In an effort to create a successful experience with wifi based teaching tools in the classroom, we suggest informing the students in your course to follow these suggestions when utilizing Reef polling, blackboard online testing, etc.

1- Ensure the students device "sleep" or power save settings are set to not allow the device to sleep during class (these settings while helpful for some things, usually put the wifi adaptor to sleep in an effort to conserve power)

2- Class changes are the heaviest wifi traffic times as students, and their devices move in proximity to various wireless access points. Initiating sessions of teaching tools is best done a few minutes after class change activities have settled.

3- The "UNT" wifi network specifically has a different authentication protocol which could help students from having to re-authenticate if used. Try to emphasize use of "UNT" when possible.

For more information, please contact CSS at ClassroomSupport@unt.edu or 940-565-2691.