Optimizing Zoom Audio for Music & Singing

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Optimizing Zoom Audio for Music & Singing

Before You Start

  • To enable these settings, you will need to use the Zoom desktop client. Please check that your Zoom client is up to date. The client can be downloaded at unt.zoom.us/download.
  • The best internet option is to use a wired Ethernet connection whenever possible.
  • For best audio, connect an external microphone. The internal mic on your device may not be the best quality and may sound tinny and hollow. A higher quality external mic will have a better pickup pattern and range.
  • Close all un-needed apps prior to joining the Zoom session. This will help conserve resources on the PC.
  • For the best incoming sound, use an external speaker or headphones. In addition to being of higher quality than the installed speaker, using an external speaker will help conserve resources for the Zoom session. The information in this article applies to all participants in the Zoom session.

Zoom Settings

  1. When joining the meeting, choose Join With Computer Audio.
    Join computer audio
  2. Once joined, find and click Audio Settings by clicking the arrow next to the Mute/Unmute button.
    Audio settings location
  3. Adjust the settings indicated:
    • Choose your preferred speaker and microphone devices.
    • Set Output Level to a comfortable level.
    • Uncheck Automatically adjust microphone volume.
    • Check Enable stereo if you or users in your meeting have microphones capable of recording in stereo.
    • With your preferred microphone device selected and positioned properly, play or sing fortissimo, and adjust the Input Volume so that the indicator bar does not exceed about 8/10. You can test with the Test Mic button to ensure your audio is not too loud, which can result in clipping and distortion.

      zoom audio settings

  4. Click Advanced in the lower right corner to continue the configuration:
    • Check Show in-meeting option to "Enable Original Sound" from microphone
    • Set Suppress Persistent Background Noise to Disable
    • Set Suppress Intermittent Background Noise to Disable
      zoom advanced audio settings
  5. Close the settings window and return to the meeting window.
    In the top left of the window, ensure that original sound is enabled and that your preferred microphone is selected.
    original audio setting


Your meeting's audio should now be fully optimized for instrumental playing and singing.