Teaching with Tech

Listed below are helpful tips for working more efficiently with technology in the classroom. Click on the title to view the entire tip.

A recorded session on how to use classroom technology to connect with students who need to be remote.

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At UNT, we are in the process of expanding our classroom technology options. One means of doing so is by implementing Collaborative Learning & Active Workspaces (CLAW) strategy that ties together teaching/learning resources in the room with teaching/learning concepts.

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Zoom allows you to edit your profile settings to enable live captions in your meetings. This feature can be very helpful for class meetings as well as non-class meetings.

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Zoom live captions enable you to show live captions during an active session (meeting or webinar). To enable live captions within a session, please follow these steps:

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With more of our activities happening in the virtual space, recording management tips can be helpful. We have gathered some helpful articles here regarding commonly asked questions related to Zoom Recordings.

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In an effort to create a seamless experience between face to face and remote environments, we recommend using Zoom in the classrooms as needed for your synchronous (live) experiences as well as recording. Common reasons for needing to use Zoom in the physical classroom are students who are needing to self-isolate, students being ill or at high risk of becoming ill during times of increased viral load in our community, students facing travel complications and more.

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Learn how to enable and configure your Zoom settings to get the best audio experience possible.

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