Security Features: Lock Meeting & Require Authentication

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Security Features: Lock Meeting & Require Authentication

Require Authentication

You can require your meeting participants to sign into Zoom in order to join your meeting. This can prevent unwanted and unauthorized individuals from disrupting your meeting.

To enable require authentication when scheduling a meeting:

  1. From the web portal or from your desktop client, schedule a new meeting or edit a meeting that you have already scheduled.
  2. Scroll down to Meeting Options
  3. Check Only authenticated users can join
    Meeting options
  4. Ensure UNT Users is selected to limit your meeting to only UNT authenticated individuals. (The option "Sign into Zoom" will let anyone with a free Zoom account join your meeting.)

    If you do not see the "UNT Users" option, please check your profile settings at Ensure Only authenticated users can join meetings is enabled and that you can see the following options:

Your meeting now requires participants to sign into Zoom using a UNT email address.

Note: If you have guest speakers or persons external to UNT joining your meeting, this option will not allow them to join. Consider using a meeting password or waiting room.

Lock your Meeting

Locking a meeting is the digital equivalent of locking the classroom door after class or meeting starts.

Once a meeting is locked, no one else can join.

To lock your meeting:

  1. In the Zoom meeting room window, click Manage Participants. A tab called Participants should appear on the right.
  2. Click More in the bottom right.
    Participant controls
  3. A menu will appear:
    • Mute participants on entry
    • Allow participants to unmute themselves
    • Allow participants to rename themselves
    • Play enter/exit chime
    • Put participants in waiting room on entry
    • Lock meeting
  4. Choose Lock meeting
  5. The box below will appear
    Lock meeting confirmation
  6. Click Yes to lock meeting

In the new desktop client update (version 4.6.10), you can lock the meeting directly from the Security button on the meeting controls:

zoom meeting security controls

The meeting is now locked and no one else can join.

Note: This can become an issue if someone loses their connection to the meeting. You can unlock the meeting at any time to let someone back in.

For assistance configuring any of these settings, or if you have any questions related to Zoom, please contact us by phone or email at the information located at the bottom of this page.