Zoom Tips

Listed below are helpful tips for working more efficiently in Zoom. Click on the title to view the entire tip.

In response to the popular use of tools such as Zoom, a number of questions have precipitated regarding information security around these tools. In this article we will keep you apprised of our information security efforts to date as it relates to Zoom in our UNT enterprise environment.

Breakout rooms allow you to split your meeting participants into their own sub-meetings for things such as group work and focused discussion. Learn how to enable and configure your breakout rooms in this article.

Learn how to enable and configure your Zoom settings to get the best audio experience possible.

Get a brief overview of Zoom's security settings and where they can be changed.

Learn how to activate your UNT Zoom account and sign into the desktop client.

Here you will find a couple of useful features on your Zoom account that empower you to reduce the possibility of being interrupted by unwanted individuals.